The Part-Time Influencer E-Book

You're a full-time student managing a busy schedule. Or maybe you are working a 9-5 job and dream of something more. You wish you could be earning extra money on the side as an influencer but don't know where to start

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I made $68,000 this year as a part-time influencer. This was while balancing working 60 hours a week as a resident doctor.

If we haven't met already, hi! I'm Kelly and I run the social media accounts Hey Kelly Ellen (@heykellyellen).Ā What started as a fun hobby quickly turned into a lucrative side hustle that I used to fund my medical school expenses.

I wondered why no one else was talking about the hidden gem of social media influencing as a side hustle so I created an E-Book teaching you everything I know!

Want to work with top brands?

All the examples above are brands that I have worked with personally!

If you are wondering how I was able to do it and build those connections, you need my E-Book! My E-Book will explain exactly how I was able to work with these brands and so many more! 

How To Start Your Social Media Account

Have literally no idea where to start? Starting from 0 followers? No worries! My E-Book will cover how to get started building a social media profile, from picking a niche (or do you need to pick one?) to selecting a name, I will walk you through the process. 

How To Work With Brands 

Think you need 100,000 followers to work with brands? I am here to tell you that you don't! My E-Book will cover how to start working with brands, how to pitch yourself, how to negotiate, how to price yourself, and so much more! A four-figure brand deal is in your future!

How To Grow Your Social Media 

Have you been stuck at the same number of followers for months? Wondering how you can actually grow? My E-Book not only covers the exact strategies I used to grow my Instagram to 20,000 followers in less than 2 years, but also helps you overcome your mindset blocks

"The best investment I ever made in myself was purchasing Kelly's E-Book! I spent so much time following other influencers and seeing them make money and wondering if I could ever do it. I am so grateful for The Part-Time Influencer E-Book! Kelly outlines the steps of growing an account so clearly. The best part of the book is when she talks about working with brands and how to price yourself as an influencer. I will never forget my first brand deal... I couldn't believe a brand wanted to pay me $200 just to post on my Instagram. If you have ever dreamed of making money on social media as a side hustle, you need this book!"

Sydney S.

The Part-Time Influencer E-Book

It's time to stop the endless scrolling and wishing you were making money from your phone...

Think about it, one small investment today could mean thousands of dollars in your future! 

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The Part-Time Influencer E-Book


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  • How to start your social media account
  • How to grow your account to thousands of followers
  • How to work with the topĀ  brandsĀ 
  • How toĀ determine your rate (with real numbers)
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome and put yourself out thereĀ 

Stop wondering "Why isn't that me?" and start your online side hustle today!

It's time to stop wondering if you could ever make money online as an influencer.

It's time to stop being frustrated with the Instagram algorithm being stuck at the same number of followers for months.

It's time to stop doubting yourself wondering if you would ever be successful as an influencer 

It's time to stop letting other people's opinions of you stop you from making money and pursuing a dream